CORREX™ - Your missing link between salvage and repair

CORREX™ is a means of immediate intervention to limit the extent of harm caused to water-damaged machinery by corrosion. It is a chemical process and serves as an extremely effective anti-rust treatment.
It protects valuable machinery, engines, turbines, pumps, etc. after having had contact with water.

Since 2002 HARMS Bergung is the only company worldwide with CORREX™. The home base of CORREX™ is Hamburg, Germany.

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CORREX™ is a special service not only within the maritime salvage business but also in other areas where machinery is exposed to corrosive situations – be it in cases of emergency and average, during idle periods or for other reasons.

Our clients include insurers, marine surveyors and shipping companies. These companies are interested not only in preventing the total loss of costly machinery but they also look for a speedy return to normal operations. CORREX™ allows machinery and electrical systems to return to service as early as possible.

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